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                                    Cool Art Studio welcomes anyone who wants to learn the joys of painting or get better their art skills.

What We Offer

Cool Art Studio has been offering high quality painting classes to both adults and children for 10 years. 

Professional teachers

Cool Art Studio have professional painting teachers working with both children and adults of all levels.

Various art styles

Many painting styles are available at Cool Art Studio, such as acrylic, water-colour, traditional Chinese, as well as learning all the basics of shading and brush techniques.

“Fun Focus” lesson

Cool Art Studio wishes to bring joy to whoever has interest in learning how to paint and enrich their everyday life through art.


Single Drop-in

Group class
$ 35
/hour per person
1 hour minimum
Group capacity: 3-6 people

Want to book a Painting Party?

Birthdays or other occasions
For Group of Adults or Children
Call to inquire about pricing and room availability

Pack of 8 Sessions

Group class
$ 240
/8 sessions per person
1 hour minimum / once a week
Weekly attendance required
Vacation allowed with 2 weeks prior notice
Group capacity: 3-6 people
Get more of the instructor's attention
Offer for Saturdays ONLY
Call to inquire about available spots and the offered styles of painting


These are the frequently asked questions.

Cool Art Studio is located at the second floor of Music Gallery & Academy  (address: 1468 Marine Dr. West Vancouver BC, V7T1B7)

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a private class at the moment.

No. We have classes only on Saturdays and Sundays.

We suggest ages 3 – 4 would be the good age to start classes.

  • If a lesson is missed, your lesson will still be charged. You must notify your teacher about missing lessons in advance.
  • Same day cancellations do not receive a make-up lesson or refund.
  • For any rescheduling or future cancellations, 2 weeks notice is required. Less than 2 weeks notice does not guarantee a make-up lesson due to teachers’ busy schedules.
    If a teacher recommends a certain make-up time it is recommended the student accepts the time. Students are allowed to reschedule or cancel future dates 2 times in a given 4 month period.
  • For any sudden sickness, students are allowed 2 cancellations in an entire year if notified by the morning of their lesson day, for which they will have to arrange a make-up lesson with their teacher.
  • Tuitions are non-refundable – there are no refunds for past or current pack’s unused lessons.
  • You can cancel or pause your next recurring monthly charges at any time with just 2 weeks advance notice before your next charge goes through. If you pause your class for more than 2 weeks, your spot will not be reserved and your package for that month will be changed to single lesson rate.
  • Unused lessons can remain as credit for up to 3 months.
  • If you wished to stop future lessons after your next recurring pack has been charged and you wished to receive a refund for future lessons, a deduction of $15 will take place.
    Otherwise, you can choose to leave your credit in the system for up to 3 months for taking lessons later, or transfer it to a family/friend, or use it as in store credit.

Any other questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us!

Student Works

Help your children bloom with their creativity and make art part of their life.

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At Art Gallery Exposition 2

At Art Gallery Exposition 2

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At Art Gallery Exposition 5

At Art Gallery Exposition 6

At Art Gallery Exposition 6

What Students Say

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    Any questions or concerns?
    Please call or email our staff Regina.  She’d be to happy to help you and answer any questions you may have!

    (604) 833-8123

    - Speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese
    - Available everyday AM:10:30 to PM:6:30 except Wednesdays