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Disadvantages of Using Acrylic Paint Instead of Oil Paint

Drawbacks of Choosing Acrylic Over Oil Paint

Quick Drying Time

Acrylic paint dries fast, which can be disadvantageous for artists who prefer a slower pace. Oil paint remains wet longer, allowing for more blending and manipulation on the canvas.

Color Shift

One drawback of acrylic paint is its tendency to slightly darken as it dries, altering the intended color. This color shift doesn’t occur with oil paint, allowing artists to maintain precise color accuracy.

Surface Texture

Acrylic paint tends to dry with a flat, smooth surface texture, which may not suit every artistic style. In contrast, oil paint dries with a rich, textured surface, adding depth and complexity to the artwork.

Difficulty in Layering

Layering colors with acrylic paint can be challenging due to its quick drying time. Artists may struggle to achieve subtle transitions and depth compared to oil paint, which allows for easier layering and blending.

Permanent Finish

Once acrylic paint dries, it forms a permanent, water-resistant finish that can’t be reactivated. While this makes acrylic paintings durable, it also limits the ability to make corrections or adjustments after the paint has dried.


While acrylic paint offers many benefits such as fast drying time and easy cleanup, it also comes with its drawbacks compared to oil paint. Artists must consider these disadvantages when choosing their preferred medium, balancing their artistic preferences with practical considerations.

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Painting Classes in West Vancouver

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