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Is it Harder to Learn to Draw as an Adult?

Overcoming Adult Drawing Barriers

Rediscovering Creativity: Overcoming Barriers to Adult Drawing

Drawing is often regarded as a skill one either has or doesn’t, but is it really harder to pick up as an adult? Let’s explore this question.

Experience and Patience Matter

As adults, we tend to be more critical of our own abilities, which can sometimes hinder the learning process. However, what we lack in youthful exuberance, we make up for in patience and dedication. Adults are often better equipped to understand the importance of practice and persistence, essential elements of learning to draw.

Breaking Old Habits

One challenge adults may face when learning to draw is breaking old habits or preconceived notions about art. Children approach drawing with a sense of wonder and freedom, unencumbered by rules or expectations. As adults, we may need to unlearn rigid ways of thinking and embrace experimentation and playfulness in our artistic endeavors.

Time Constraints and Priorities

Adults often have busy schedules and numerous responsibilities, making it challenging to find time for hobbies like drawing. However, carving out even a small amount of time each day to practice can yield significant progress over time. It’s about prioritizing and making the commitment to invest in one’s creative development.


While learning to draw as an adult may present its own set of challenges, it is by no means an impossible feat. With dedication, patience, and a willingness to step outside of their comfort zones, adults can discover the joy and satisfaction of expressing themselves through art. So, whether you’re picking up a pencil for the first time or reigniting a childhood passion, remember that it’s never too late to pursue your artistic aspirations.

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