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Techniques Used in Oil Painting

Mastering the Craft: Oil Painting Techniques

Oil painting is a versatile and beloved medium for artists, offering a wide array of techniques to explore.

Brushwork and Texture

Brushwork is central to oil painting, with artists using various brush types and strokes to create texture and depth. By controlling the pressure, angle, and speed of their strokes, artists can achieve a range of effects, from smooth blends to impasto textures.

Layering and Glazing

Layering involves building up multiple thin layers of paint to create depth and complexity in a painting. Glazing, on the other hand, involves applying transparent layers of color over dried paint to alter its hue or create subtle shifts in tone. Both techniques require patience and a keen understanding of color theory.

Underpainting and Blocking In

Before diving into the details, artists often begin with an underpainting, a monochromatic sketch that establishes the composition and values of the painting. Blocking in involves laying down broad areas of color to establish the basic shapes and forms. These initial steps provide a strong foundation for the painting to evolve.

Wet-on-Wet and Wet-on-Dry

Wet-on-wet painting involves applying fresh paint onto a still-wet surface, allowing colors to blend and mix directly on the canvas. In contrast, wet-on-dry painting involves applying paint onto a dry surface, allowing for more controlled and precise brushwork. Artists often alternate between these techniques to achieve desired effects.

Scumbling and Sgraffito

Scumbling involves applying a thin, opaque layer of paint over a dry surface, allowing hints of the underlying colors to show through. Sgraffito entails scratching or etching into wet paint to reveal underlying layers or create intricate details. These techniques add visual interest and depth to the finished piece.


Oil painting offers a rich tapestry of techniques for artists to explore, from brushwork and layering to underpainting and scumbling. By mastering these techniques, artists can unlock endless possibilities for creativity and expression in their work.

Painting Classes in West Vancouver

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Painting Classes in West Vancouver

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