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What Is Normally Painted First on a Watercolor?

Understanding the Starting Point in Watercolor Painting

The Paper Sets the Canvas

In watercolor painting, the first stroke often falls upon the paper. The blank canvas of paper serves as the foundation for the entire artwork. Artists carefully choose the type of paper, considering factors like texture and thickness. This initial decision shapes how colors blend and absorb into the surface.

Sketching the Blueprint

Before diving into colors, artists often sketch a rough outline of their subject matter. This sketch acts as a blueprint, guiding the flow of the painting. Artists use light pencil strokes to map out shapes and proportions, ensuring a solid structure for the upcoming layers of color. This step helps maintain clarity and balance in the final piece.

Laying Down the Base Wash

Once the sketch is complete, artists apply a base wash to the paper. This transparent layer of diluted paint establishes the overall tone of the painting. Artists use broad brushstrokes to cover large areas, gradually building up depth and intensity. The base wash sets the mood and provides a unified background for subsequent layers of color.

Establishing Light and Shadow

After the base wash dries, artists focus on establishing light and shadow. They carefully layer transparent washes of color to create depth and dimension. By strategically leaving areas untouched, artists allow the white of the paper to shine through, enhancing the luminosity of the painting. This stage requires precision and patience to achieve the desired balance of light and shadow.

Adding Details and Finishing Touches

With the foundation laid and the basic structure in place, artists add finer details and finishing touches to their watercolor paintings. They use smaller brushes and bolder pigments to enhance textures and highlights. Every stroke contributes to the overall composition, bringing the artwork to life with intricate details and vibrant colors.


In watercolor painting, the process begins with careful consideration of the paper and a well-executed sketch. From there, artists gradually build up layers of color, focusing on light, shadow, and intricate details. By following this sequential approach, artists create captivating watercolor artworks that evoke emotion and capture the beauty of the world around them.

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Painting Classes in West Vancouver

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