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What Kind of Art Do Children Like?

Exploring Children’s Preferences in Art

Colorful Creations

Children are naturally drawn to vibrant and colorful artwork. Bright hues capture their attention and ignite their imagination. Artworks featuring a spectrum of colors, from soft pastels to bold primaries, tend to captivate young minds. Whether it’s a rainbow painting or a crayon drawing of their favorite animals, children delight in the visual stimulation provided by lively colors.

Whimsical Characters

Artworks populated with whimsical characters are another favorite among children. Whether it’s cuddly animals, fantastical creatures, or charming storybook figures, children love art that tells a story or sparks their imagination. Characters that are relatable or evoke a sense of wonder often resonate deeply with young audiences, encouraging them to engage with the artwork on a personal level.

Interactive Art

Children are naturally curious and love to interact with their surroundings, including art. Interactive art installations or pieces that allow for hands-on exploration and participation are especially appealing to young art enthusiasts. Whether it’s a sculpture they can touch, a mural they can add to, or a painting they can complete, interactive art engages children actively, fostering a sense of creativity and ownership.

Playful Textures

Art that incorporates different textures and tactile elements holds a special allure for children. From smooth surfaces to rough textures, from glossy finishes to matte paints, varying tactile experiences add depth and interest to artworks. Children enjoy running their fingers over textured surfaces, exploring the different sensations and engaging multiple senses simultaneously.

Imaginative Themes

Art that explores imaginative themes and fantastical worlds captivates the minds of children. Whether it’s outer space adventures, underwater explorations, or magical kingdoms, imaginative themes transport young viewers to new and exciting realms. Artworks that encourage storytelling and imaginative play inspire children to create their narratives and embark on creative journeys of their own.


Understanding what kind of art children like involves recognizing their natural inclinations towards colorful, whimsical, interactive, textured, and imaginative works. By catering to these preferences, artists and educators can create engaging and enriching art experiences for young audiences, fostering creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love for the arts.

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Painting Classes in West Vancouver

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